The Walker Trolley Launches On Kickstarter

Brad Payne, CEO of Walker Trolleys, is a passionate walking golfer and after a trip to St. Andrews, the home of golf, he noticed there was a disconnect between the history and tradition of our great game and the aesthetics of today’s push carts, so he developed a new type of push cart.

The Walker Trolley is an innovative push cart that Payne says will appeal to modern golfers who respect the tradition of walking the game while simultaneously wanting an upscale, cool looking product on the course. The company officially launched its Kickstarter campaign on October 29th (#pushcartmafia).

From its clean and sleek look, old school white-walled tires and use of premium leather, the Walker Trolley is a push cart with an overall aesthetic unlike anything on the market today. The company utilizes high-quality materials with an acute attention to detail. The aluminum frame with leather and waxed canvas creates a clean and sleek look and by eschewing plastic in the central hub, in favor of all die-cast aluminum, also creates a product designed to last.

Additional features include one simple and instinctual folding point with the legs and handle rotating on two different axes making the Walker Trolley the simplest folding and unfolding trolley on the market. A convenient storage unit made of premium waxed canvas allows golfers to access the things they need quickly and easily during a round. And most importantly, the Walker Trolley is everything a modern push cart should be: light-weight, compact, portable and convenient.

Like many start-ups, the next step for the company is to move to mass production. With a patent pending, Walker Trolleys has partnered with a leading manufacturer.

“By pledging on Kickstarter, walking golfers are showing us that they share our vision and enthusiasm for developing a new type of golf push cart that is not only a great push cart, but one that appeals to golfers seeking a better, sleeker look and feel,” explained Payne. “Contributors will participate in the development of the product, be able to give feedback and see their Walker Trolley come to life.”

“The feedback and buzz on social media has been absolutely incredible,” added Payne. “Walker Trolleys will be much more than a push cart company, it is about bringing cool and innovative products into golf.”

Walker Trolleys will be exhibiting in the Inventors Spotlight, Booth 4300, and in the New Product Zone at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, January 21-24, 2020.

To buy your trolley, support production and participate in the Kickstarter campaign, go to

For more information, email Brad Payne at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 404-398-9991.