8 Socially-Acceptable Ways To Cheat At Golf


The rules of golf are harsh. Unyieldingly so, in many cases. Lots of times golfers break the rules unknowingly. Other times golfers make the executive decision not to abide by certain rules because this game is hard enough anyway, so why not give yourself a bit of a break? I do it, you do it; almost every golfer does it. It’s ok, you don’t need to feel guilty about it, but let’s be honest about the various everyday ways golfers cheat but are kind of ok with it.

1. Breakfast Ball

I was playing with an Australian friend over the summer who was outraged when one of our other playing partners pulled out an extra ball on the 1st tee after a carving hook on their initial tee shot. Apparently mulligans off the 1st aren’t a thing in most other countries. It’s a pretty strange concept when you think about it, but most of us are ok with it anyway.

2. General Mulligans

The 1st tee isn’t the only place people take mulligans, though. They come after thinned bunker shots, chunked wedges water-bound approach shots and everything else. Ordinarily I don’t care, but whenever I see people taking mulligans and then inputting their eventual score into the handicap system, that always makes me feel a little weird.

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