PTE Golf Announces Launch Of Wooden Tee Gift Line

PTE Golf Wooden Tee Gift Line

PTE Golf officially announces its partnership with local woodworking company Woodn’t It Be Nice, out of Naples, FL, adding top-quality, American-made wooden products to their already extensive catalog.

Gone are the days of players throwing out their tee gifts after the tournament is over; PTE Golf’s wooden tee gift line presents an elevated, more sophisticated solution to your standard tournament gifts. From engraved wooden ball markers to trophies and plaques, the line of tee gifts has something for everyone. In addition to the tee gifts, other wood product offerings include items for the Clubhouse and retail items for the Golf Shop. Perpetual Tournament Winner Plaques, Cheese Boards, and Wine Holders are just some of the new wood products offered by PTE Golf.

The new line joins PTE Golf’s extensive catalog of professional tournament enhancements. As with their other products, the Wooden Tee Gift line is fully customizable.

“We make professional tournament enhancement products, and our most requested product we don’t carry are Tee Gifts, so it was the natural next step for us to expand into these products,” says CEO Matt Pollitt. “These aren’t just tee gifts— they’re a commemoration of your players’ experience in your tournament, a way to honor them for their continued support and participation. We wanted to provide a way for these clubs to show how much they appreciate their players.”

About PTE Golf
PTE Golf stands for Professional Tournament Enhancements, and that’s exactly what they do: provide a variety of originally designed items specifically for PGA Professionals, Tournament Directors, and Event Coordinators to elevate the appearance and operation of their clubs. Founded by a PGA Professional Bobby Pollitt and his son, Matt Pollitt, in 2004, PTE Golf’s products are formulated to fix common issues that club owners run into when operating a golf course.