Typhoon Golf Introduces Social Distancer Cart Dividers

The golf industry faces numerous challenges as it tries to navigate through the myriad of well-intentioned “Social Distancing Regulations”while struggling to get course operations financially back to normal.

Golf Courses Can’t Survive Operating on 50%Revenues

Health Officials don’t understand that any re-opening guidelines that restrict courses from achieving their full revenue capacity is going to make profitably operating a golf course impossible. Limiting golf cart use to just one rider is probably the single most inhibiting factor stifling course revenues. Courses do not have fleets large enough to fill their tee-time capacity with single riders. And a healthy golf industry needs courses running at full player capacity.

“One Rider” Policy is NOT the Only Social Distancing Solution

Golf may well be one of the optimum “Social Distancing Sports”. Except for riding together in a cart, golfers have no problem keeping a safe 6’ or more distance from each other.

Golf can take the lead from the retail sector, who have shown that placing a physical barrier between customers and cashiers has proven to be effective in reducing the risks of spreading of harmful virus droplets. There is no reason a similar solution could not be used to protect two riders in a cart from exposure to one another.That’s why we invented an easy to install clear vinyl seat dividers for golf carts.

Rev-up revenues with SOCIAL DISTANCER cart dividers

Introducing our Patent Pending SOCIAL DISTANCER cart divider, which meets both the safety and health social distancing needs of golfers, while at the same time addressing the business needs of the course operations. Getting more golfers out on the course is a surefire way to rev-up revenues.

Made with heavy duty, marine grade vinyl, the Social Distancer is designed with customisable features so that it fits almost every type of golf cart. It installs in just 1 minute and won’t damage the cart in any way.

It’s time to join the movement to restore two-rider protocols

Several states have already issued new COVID-19 guidelines that allow double riders if physical barriers are installed. The PGA of Canada now says:

“Two persons in a golf cart, if they are not from the same household, are permitted if a plexi-glass divider (or equivalent) is in place between the driver and the passenger.”

Now is the time to give golfers the opportunity to restore the social benefits of riding with a buddy again while helping the courses in their quest to return to more normal revenues.

For more information about our Social Distancer cart dividers, go to www.socialdistancergolf.com.