What Happens When You Remove Dimples From A Golf Ball? 4 Pros Found Out


It’s impossible to state one aspect of the golf ball is more important than the other. A multi-layer urethane cover can deliver feel and spin control, but without a well-designed core (and possibly a mantle layer or two), it’s basically a Ferrari with a Ford Escape engine. It looks fast until you punch the peddle.

The same thing can be said when discussing the importance of dimple pattern design. The small depressions found all over the ball ultimately determine velocity, launch and spin rate after it leaves the clubface.

Alter the depth of a dimple by as little as 1,000th of an inch and you could negatively affect the ball’s aerodynamics (lift and drag) while it’s rocketing through the air. In this case, the line between success and failure is razor-thin.

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