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Video Clip Of The Week: Rory Mac Goes To Bryan Bros. Trick Shot Training Day

Many golf fans are very familiar with the exploits of the Bryan Brothers (George and Wesley) who post amazing golf trick shot videos on the internet. 

No doubt those same golf fans are also pretty familiar with the name Rory know, young Irish lad...won a few majors...U.S. Open, British Open...that sort of thing...anyway, recently Rory took time away from being engaged to fiance Erica Stoll from the PGA of America as he was invited to learn some trick shots and help out the Bryan Brothers in their training regime.

Image Caption : Rory McIlroy Shows Off Some Of His Own Trick Shot Skills In A 'Training Day' Video With Trick Shot Artists The Bryan Brothers - Image Via YouTube

Well, wouldn't you know it, this Rory kid isn't too bad at this sort of thing in his own right. Quick learner this young feller. To see just how things progressed click on the video below and see for yourself.